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Bryan is an urban planner specializing in urban design and community building with a background in planning and community advocacy. Bryan has experience working with public, private, and nonprofit sectors, which advances his understanding of how these entities work together to achieve a common goal. Bryan is instrumental in providing innovative strategies in community development and producing marketing quality visioning and planning documents.

Work Experience:
Senior Planner (2016-Present), Associate Planner (2014-2016) Rome/Floyd Planning Department (Rome, GA)

Downtown and Special District Planning

Focused on development and revitalization through land use planning, streetscape design, and implementation strategies to ensure the success of these districts.

Site Planning and Design

Creating comprehensive site designs that are strongly tied to the larger community vision via programming, phasing, and implementation strategies to best complement project’s individual funding sources.

Transportation Planning

Acting as lead planner, I manage: the M.P.O., transit system analysis and performance, federal and state funding, and the updating of transportation strategies via performance based planning.

Neighborhood/Housing Planning

Enhance neighborhood livability through: expanding pedestrian infrastructure, creating blight/vacancy studies, and developing a land bank authority through a neighborhood enhancement program.

Historic Preservation Planning

Manage the Historic Preservation Commission while creating opportunities to leverage the historic economy of place.


Contract Planner (2014) Friends of Lagoon Park Trail (Montgomery, AL)

Project management including: park planning and design, marketing, donor relations, and grant management

Contract Planner (2013-2014) The Walker Collaborative (Nashville, TN)

Assisted; the development of a downtown redevelopment plan, collected data, developed graphics, and community engagement.


Planning Intern (2012) Economic Development Department (Montgomery, AL)

Assisted with the development of a campus master plan (Auburn University Montgomery), and assisted the development of  a downtown art comprehensive plan.

Contact: / 334-315-0047

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