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Blossom Hill is a vibrant community, surrounded by a number of amenities including shopping, parks, trails, and community centers. However, the Blossom Hill Community borders three highway corridors, and an active railroad corridor, rendering these nearby amenities difficult to access for community members who walk or bike either by need or by choice.

As part of the City of Rome’s new initiative to conduct Neighborhood Enhancement programs throughout the city; I have created a bicycle/pedestrian element to introduce to each neighborhood through each individual N.E.P. Each program increases connectivity to local amenities, as well as connecting to a larger context of existing trails and bike/pedestrian improvements.


District Branding

South Rome is a first ring suburban neighborhood that is on the brink of meaningful redevelopment. The neighborhood, adjacent to downtown, is formed by the Etowah and Coosa Rivers. It boasts a diverse housing stock, a dedicated trail system, historic landmarks, a new elementary school, and an underutilized, elegant thoroughfare.

Through banners, South Rome is celebrating the success of their redevelopment efforts while solidifying future success. This branding project highlights three pillars of the South Rome Community: an auspicious neighborhood scale mixed use business district, a strong sense of place through historic legacy, and a new neighborhood oriented school. 

TranSit Analysis

Vacancy Study

Produced during a Neighborhood Enhancement Program, this vacancy/blight information could be useful in a multitude of redevelopment efforts. 

To kick off a right-of-way improvement plan for the Desoto-River District I created this graphic to help communicate a list of the multifaceted existing amenities that would benefit from a multi-model transportation plan.


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